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"Derzhava" watches
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"Derzhava" watches

"Right move" co. is the designer and producer of the "Derzhava" watches.

In construction of new Russian watches trade mark we used experience of native and foreign companies in sphere of modern design technologies, protective and decorative coverage. We used experience of Special Designer’s Office of the Watches Machine-tools Construction, which has been working from 1947 in the Russian watch industry. By the joint efforts it become possible to produce the series of the watch that satisfies now days requirements. The watch "Derzhava" are noted by reliability, modern design and they are used by great number of customers.

We can offer "Derzhava" watches which contains Japan quartz movements, mechanic and autogenerator mechanic watches. The watch’s cases are made from stainless steel, brass with different coverage: chrome, IPS, gold plated: the thickness of coverage comes up to 3 mkr; mineral glass. The watch are dust-tight, watertight and waterproof.

All production is certificated.
Certificate of conformance POCCRU.AЯ04.BOO299
Hygienic certificate 5822428П 219.02.99

Основные модели

Д114-15111 Д106-15112

Покупка он-лайн

Вы можете заказать данные модели часов с доставкой по Москве и Санкт-петербургу (100 р.), а также наложным платежом по территории России. Возможна отправка за границу (пишите по адресу

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